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21 February, 2016

Eating Healthily on Holiday

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5 Tips for Eating Healthily While on Holiday

Exploring different countries through its local fare is one of the most exciting aspects of travelling. But just because we’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean that we have to indulge in a diet full of saturated fat. On the contrary, it might even be easier to eat fresh food with plenty of fruit and vegetables while travelling as we have more time to think about and take pleasure in what we eat.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your foodie adventures while keeping an eye on your diet.

Eat Local, Freshly Prepared Food

When you think of Italian food, chances are you think of pasta, pizza, cheese and wine – none of which sound particularly healthy. But if you are in a Mediterranean country, you’ll notice that dishes are packed with fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, fish and olive oil, making it an effortless way to reach your five a day.

Turkish breakfasts often consist of an array of fruit, olives, salad so you could have hit your target before you even leave the hotel! Places with an established street food culture such as Thailand prepare food right in front of you and there is no shortage of stalls chopping up seasonal fruit either.

Choosing to eat locally instead of at tourist restaurants dishing out generic Western fare can be an easy way of reaching your five a day without even thinking about it.

Cook for Yourself

Whether you’re staying in a self-catering apartment or are on a glamping adventure, making your own meal can be a wonderful way of exploring the local cuisine. Set yourself the challenge of shopping at the local market and throwing together a delicious local meal with lots of locally grown vegetables and fruit.

Shopping at the local deli or market can be an exciting adventure in itself and if you’re travelling with friends then why not make it interesting with a little competition. Whoever makes the best meal can decide where you eat out on your last night or what activity you do on the last day of your holiday.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Many local drinks such as tea or coffee can be packed with sugar without you noticing. Whether it’s a creamy cup of spicy chai or a Thai milk tea oozing with condensed milk, many of the most common (and delicious) drinks are not good for you if drank in excess.

While treating yourself to the occasional local brew is part of the experience, be careful not to guzzle down three cups of the stuff each day. Opt for water instead of tea or politely ask for the beverage without sugar or condensed milk. You might also want to have a go at making your own smoothies and fruit juices using local produce. There are even machines and methods you can use to turn home juices into delicious slushies if you fancy something a little more interesting.

As alcoholic drinks can often be cheaper abroad, it’s tempting to have a glass of wine or beer with every meal too but remember to go easy on yourself as you don’t want to spend most of your holiday under the haze of a hangover!

Take Your Time – You’re on Holiday!

How you eat can be just as important as what you eat. Taking time over your food, savouring each flavour, spending hours talking with your friends and family and enjoying the scenery are all part of mealtimes while on holiday.

Eating at a more relaxed pace also gives your body more time to digest each mouthful and means you may feel fuller quicker – something which can help prevent you from overeating or gorging yourself.

Walk it Off

In the face of all this foodie temptation, it’s no surprise that our eyes are often bigger than our bellies. After all, how are we going to resist the finest gelato in the world or a plateful of baclava?

Luckily, holidays often involve a little more activity than we might be used to at home and that can help burn off some of those extra calories. Whether you sign up for a walking tour of the city, plunge yourself in the pool or sea for a day of swimming, or go all out with a hike in the local countryside, there are many ways to balance any particularly indulgent treats you have while away.

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